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Predictive Maintenance

      For every item Triton is able to track a specific scheduled (predictive) maintenance program. This program is based on fatigue factors that every material is subjected to and is repeated periodically. According to this program, the system is able to be aware of the exact expiration of every inspection of the item. So, using the remainders of every inspection the system is able to answer to questions like what must be done in the near future. The answer to this question is maintenance demand generation for the system. These demands are the first step of maintenance data recording and monitoring in the system. The scheduled maintenance system includes also standard maintenance procedures that are not necessarily being performed periodically, but are initiated under specific circumstances. All standard maintenance jobs are organized by the internal project scheduling subsystem of Triton, which can handle resource constraints and provides the user all the necessary tools to analyze and design a perfect project template. This project template is accompanied by the related paperwork (hard copies) that is based on the checklists of the technical orders of the material where the maintenance is being performed.