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Maintenance and Repair Operations Management

All maintenance requirments are forwarded to a maintenance control center of the company / organization. This center defines the priority of every demand, and schedules the execution time according to available material and personnel resources. After every scheduling the system rearranges the resources of the company in order to minimize the make span of the whole maintenance project.


Maintenance demands are transformed to work orders that are forwarded to workshops.


Technical personnel that are assigned to every workshop are responsible to assign/ release the available resources to every work order.


The execution of all work orders that are assigned to a specific demand causes this demand to be completed.


When a demand is completed, the status of the item changes and it is ready to operate again. If the demand is scheduled maintenance oriented the scheduled program is updated and a new cycle begins.


This procedure is followed in every maintenance demand and its main purpose is to record every piece of information that is related to maintenance. 

           Triton is equipped with a very powerful monitoring and action tracking system. The user is able to monitor in real time, what has to be done (what is scheduled), what is actually being done and why there are delays in every step of the process. Having all this information gathered the user is able to make decisions to forward the maintenance resources to other demands according to his needs. So, Triton is a powerful decision making system that helps its user to handle his company resources according to the company‘s interest.