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Asset Management

Triton‘s design is based on the main concept that it should be able to handle (i.e. describe, record, track, schedule) the maintenance procedures on ANY object, simple (e.g. a telephone device) or complex (e.g. an aircraft), that is subjected to these procedures, whether scheduled maintenance related or not. In order to satisfy any user requirement, it handles a complicated and sophisticated data structure that is capable to describe any class of any object that the user wants to monitor. This data structure is supported by many other data concepts like fatigues, operations and inspections.

The second core concept being supported by Triton is that it is focuses mostly on information management and NOT process monitoring. Most of the current Resource Management Systems are based on their adaption to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the organization/ company. Triton is very good at collection all data chunks being produced by these SOPs, as it is generally accepted that SOPs are dynamic and are subjected to modifications according to the size and the resources of a company. So Triton user can easily adopt it to its SOPs without the system having to be modified by the development team.

          Customization of Triton is an easy process that can be accomplished either by the user or by our company administrators. Having completed this process, the system is ready to support any organization that has maintenance capabilities.